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FEIMEC, the sector's official trade fair and the main event for the machinery and equipment industry, in its last edition confirmed the industry's confidence in the resumption of economic growth. The next edition will be even bigger and promises to bring new features.

We are Latin America's largest event for doing business, promoting technology, trends, production and relationships for the industrial sector. It's a fair made especially for you, the professional from small, medium or large industries.

FEIMEC is a major business platform throughout the year. A real source of new content, trends and technologies for the industry.



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The largest official fair of the sector and the main event of the mechanical industry in 2022 was a success in all figures, the third edition of FEIMEC — International Fair of Machinery and Equipment, confirming the confidence in the resumption of the industry and economic growth.

FEIMEC 2022 was held from May 3 to 7 at the São Paulo Expo, the largest and most modern pavilion in Latin America. There were more than 900 exhibitors, representing a range of national and international brands from the most diverse segments of the industry in more than 62,000m² of exhibition space.

SUSTAINABILITY |FEIMEC worked with exhibitors to raise awareness of sustainability, prioritizing the reduction of disposable materials and the intelligent and rational use of resources.
The preparation started even before the event. FEIMEC anticipated registrants' credentials in digital format to reduce paper printing and prioritized digital communications. The materials that had to be printed, such as the exhibition maps, were produced on FSC-certified paper. The general guidelines for exhibiting brands in 2022 were based on the intelligent use of transport and materials, such as promoting the adhesion of LED lamps in booths to reduce energy consumption and the use of reusable structures. About 20% of the entire carpet at the fair is also reused. In addition to these, several other actions were carried out that can be checked by clicking here.

TECHNOLOGICAL ROUNDS | ABIMAQ has brought several innovations and solutions in technologies for companies interested in the results of investments in innovation, with potential impact on the market and in the creation of new businesses. Throughout the event, it promoted opportunities and trends in the sector that can be applied in different areas, segments and uses of the industry.

INDUSTRY 4.0 DEMONSTRATOR | A showcase for industry companies to present their innovations in industry connectivity. FEIMEC was a success and the Demonstrator of Technological Solutions for Industry 4.0 contributed a lot to this. 10 clusters with 4.0 solutions were presented, ranging from the implementation of digital infrastructure to the digitization of machines, through system integration, traceability, predictive maintenance control, digital inventory, among other technologies. All of them were also presented in more than 20 lectures, in addition to technological rounds in order to satisfy the demand of the visitors for the innovations exhibited. 

MOBILE SCHOOL SENAI | The program already totals 176 companies served, distributed in 28 technological areas. In the trailer, the visitor can have contact with Touch 3D - equipment used in training that requires precision, such as medicine - in addition to knowing all the pleasures of courses available at Senai for professional development. 

PARQUE DE IDEIAS | Innovations and new technologies for Industry 4.0, economy, sustainability and an unprecedented space for new talents in the sector were some of the highlights of this edition. The Parque de Ideias, is one of the main attractions highlighted where all visitors knew up close technical and practical concepts of the industry, involving new technologies and various industrial solutions with the support of ABIMAQ itself, the IQA (Institute of Automotive Quality), INSPER (Institute of Education and Research) and VDI-Brazil (Associação de Engenheiros Brasil-Alemanha).





The facilities of the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center were mentioned by visitors and exhibitors as one of the highlights of FEIMEC, the first fair to be held there. It is the most modern event center in South America and offers 90,000 m² of exhibition area.

The location of the pavilion is strategic, 850 meters from the Jabaquara subway and 10 minutes from Congonhas airport. Located outside the municipal restriction perimeter (driving restriction) for passenger and cargo vehicles, the location facilitates the stages of assembly and disassembly of the booths, as well as access to visitors arriving through the Rodovia dos Imigrantes.

The architectural complex has a modern infrastructure capable of hosting national and international events. It has a garage building for 4,500 covered and integrated access walkway to the pavilion.

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