The 2nd Brazil International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition will take place on April 24-28, 2018 at the Sao Paulo Expo. 

FEIMEC is an initiative of ABIMAQ, the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association, representing nearly 7,800 companies from a wide range of equipments segments.

FEIMEC 2016 edition showcased more than 500 brands from top domestic and international exhibitors, including the leading manufacturing suppliers of diverse segments of the capital goods industry and more than 33,000 visitors from Brazil and other 22 countries.

Latest news

July 18

FEIMEC 2018 is set to become the industry's largest trade show and already boasts more than 100 confirmed companies. 

The economic reset, propelled by the accomplishments of EXPOMAFE, earlier this year in May, already sheds positive light on the future of "Indústria Brasileira."  Proof of this: FEIMEC – The Brazil International Machinery and Equipment Exhibition, which takes place April 24-28 at São Paulo Expo, surpassed the 100 confirmed company mark in less than two months of sales.


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